Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'll call him lucky

I bought this guy after St. Patrick's Day. I figured if shamrock plants were going to be on sale, that would be the appropriate time. I've always wanted one. The fact that it came in purple was a huge bonus! I got a green one too, but it's not doing too well for some reason. Also, my wisteria bloomed and it made me swoon with joy. I didn't get pictures except for with my phone. Epic fail!

I am working insane amounts right now. I forgot how much giving tours 5 days a week SUCKS. Despite that, I seem to be making great amounts of progress on art. Yay!!! It's riding that's suffered this time. I haven't been on my horse in almost 2 weeks. :( The other day I was out there and the owner's daughter showed me that there are trails behind our place!!! My barn is tiny and in a totally urban area, but apparently there are trails!!! That lead to a field!!!!! OMG!!!! Urban trail rider I shall be. Someday.

And a question...
How do you guys organize your photos on your computers? At the moment, I have everything in folders by date uploaded. Except that I've been doing it this way for like 4 years now and it takes a lot to remember where anything is. Also, prior to this I organized things by what they were pictures of, but it totally didn't work. Everything older than 4 years ago was in folders that way, and anything newer is by date. Confusing? Yes. Is there a better way?

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