Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventures in gardening

I wonder what would happen if you could purify sweat. Could you bottle it all up and reuse it? I doubt it, but somehow I wish it was possible considering the amount of it that came off of me today.

Ken and I worked in the yard all day. I checked at one point, considering I was on my 3rd set of dry clothes, and it said the heat index was 122. said it was 105. I'll just average the two together and call it even.

We got a lot done. Ken worked on the arbor that we started, oh... over a year ago. We had to meticulously unwrap the wisteria from around the support poles. Some of the new vine got broken in the process, but I think it'll be ok. He put lattice along the sides, evened the poles out, re-wrapped the wisteria around them, and now all that's left is the top.

Meanwhile, I was playing in the dirt. This spring, I had the grand idea to remove all these old lillies and crocosmia that had taken over the west side of the house. They were probably planted by someone that meant well, many moons ago. Then the house got sold to some SCAD boy's parent to provide his son & his friends with a place to live. Something tells me college boys aren't into gardening. The flowers were left to grow wild, and oh did they. When I removed them, there wasn't much soil there. It was one huge mass of bulbs, roots, bulbs, roots, and more bulbs. I was moderately successful. Except that I didn't really have a plan of what I was going to do with that side of the house after that.

Later on I realized that I really liked those flowers after all. Of course. When I moved the flowers, I didn't believe that I could throw a perfectly good (nonpoisonous) plant away, so I threw them all in pots together. Miraculously they survived in the pots, with no soil, only sun and water. Today, I put them all back. However, this time I did what that good old house inspector told us to do when we bought the place. I pulled the plants away from the house with a good layer of rocks & weed blocker to deter them. They seem happy to be home so far. I did have to throw away some of the bad ones, so I guess I successfully thinned out a flower bed... in a very roundabout way.

I also planted some new hosta and some siam tulips in my other beds. I will have to take pictures, because I just adore them both.

So... success! In one way or another.

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