Tuesday, July 27, 2010

want vs. need and the story of Ewok

I don't need to go to the Humane Society. Ever.


Because I will inevitably find one I want. This one though. She's my picture perfect dog. I have always wanted a small, female, bat eared pit. It doesn't help that she's a gorgeous color, and already house trained. I want. SO badly. I mean LOOK at her! She's is everything I've ever wanted in a dog, at least in physical appearance. Uhg.

The other two would not approve of a new addition. They hardly spoke to me when we took in a stray a few weeks ago. They got so offended.


That was Ewok.

One night after work, I got out of my car and there was a small furry dog by the curb in front of the house. I walked up to him, expecting him to run away, but he politely wagged his tail instead. I picked him up and we walked up & down the street looking for any potential owners. Of course he had no collar or tags. I put him down and he followed me back to the house. Ken came out, and little dog greeted him just as politely as he had to me. We decided we couldn't just leave him out there. He was obviously someone's dog. He had been groomed at some point, though he was thin and flea infested. So, we got the big dogs. I was worried. We introduced them one at a time. Surprisingly, both Papu & Jet sniffed the little guy and went "Ew... it's little, and insignificant." We walked up and down the street, letting everyone get acquainted. Little dog followed along with no leash. When we got back to the house I said "Well everyone gets along, lets go inside". Little dog bolted up the steps, to the front door, and wagged his tail.

Ewok was a Shih-tzu. He was perfectly housebroken, trained not to get on furniture, and he was in love with me. He followed me everywhere. He even slept on the floor next to my side of the bed. I took him to the vet to get scanned for a chip with no luck. We plastered the neighborhood with fliers. Even though I began to think that maybe he was dumped. He was very thin, not fixed, he had a bad eye, fur missing on his back with black skin patches, and those damn fleas. I bathed him and it didn't help that much. Papu and Jet were tolerant of him, but extremely put out. They did not enjoy his presence, and ignored him most of the time. Ewok didn't know how to play with them either. Though, towards the end of his time here, they were all starting to come around.

Sadly, it was not meant to be. I was falling in love with him, but because I didn't need the extra vet bills, I had a few homes lined up just in case. As soon as I thought his owner wouldn't come forward, I got a phone call. She had been out of town. Her sister had been watching him. Apparently they let him out all the time (with no collar or tags) and "he always comes back." I really wanted to bitch her out and tell her I thought he'd been severely neglected. But I didn't... I did tell her he was too skinny, and she didn't say anything. I miss him. Poor Ewok.

Should Ewok ever wander back over here... I'm not calling her, or putting up fliers again.


I wonder about a third dog. I don't need the extra vet bills, or the food bills. However, my two are getting older. I would love to have a younger dog around to keep them moving. We play and we walk a lot, but Jet would LOVE another dog with his energy level. That is, if he liked said dog. Jet is very opinionated about these things. Papu is MY dog. I want that gorgeous pittie girl, but Papu would be depressed for weeks. She might get over it eventually, but if Ewok showed me anything, it's that Papu can't handle it.

I'll continue to tell myself what I've always told myself. The right dog will come along at the right time. When it does, I'll know. Just like I did with these two. I hope. Because... you know... I can't her out of my head.

3 dogs

The 3 brief, almost amigos. The perception is a big wonky. Papu's not that big. For size reference Jet is 63 lbs, Papu is 43, Ewok is 10. Pretty pittie girl is 7 months old would top out at less than 50 lbs.

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  1. Oh you weren't kidding about that little girl! She is adorable!!

    And Ewok- I wouldn't call his owner either. Too stinkin cute!