Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few things

Sorry I sort of fell off the wagon last week. It was sort of crazy and I took a minor vacation from life (and did nothing).

My Silversun Pickups station is my favorite station on Pandora, ever. Until they play Vampire Weekend. I was listening to it with my phone while I was riding yesterday, and their song Oxford Comma came on. It was extremely aggravating, and my ride promptly went downhill from there. Thanks Vampire Weekend.

Finn has been weird lately. 99% of the time I can blame this on me, so it looks like we need to go do some no stirrup work. And we need to work on stopping off my seat. Again. He was doing really well with it, until Vampire Weekend came on and I guess he fed through my tension and forgot he knew how to stop like a nice pony, and not like an inverted, gaping mouth camel. It's ok Finn, we all have bad days.


Here is something I'm working on! I'm not all grumpy today I swear. I've been doing stuff.


I'm not sure where to go from here. I have some ideas. I want the birds to be red, even though I know there are no red swallows. I just need some red. The background will stay white & gray. Note to self: never stain blocks with crappy IKEA stain before you draw on them. Because drawing over that crap is annoying. Then I realized I was going to paint oils over water based stain, so I may have to start this over from scratch. Oh well, it's an experiment anyway.

Man... Modest Mouse - One Chance just came on. Damn that's an awesome song.

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